The Fifteenth International Energy Fair, the 16th International Ecology and Environmental Fair - Ecofair and the 7th International Smart Technology Fair - iSEC officially opened its gates on Wednesday, 2 October 2019 in Hall 1 at Belgrade Fair. The opening of these events was attended by numerous government officials, businessmen, guests, exhibitors and visitors.
By addressing the attendees, the Minister of Environmental Protection in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Goran Trivan, advocated a situation in which environmental protection should be important for everyone, for both the economy and society as a whole. Ever since last year the Ministry has been trying to put this whole host of issues into the right context and on the right track so as to connect the most important actors in this area in our society.
Our drinking water, for example, is part of the geostrategic image of the planet, Mr. Trivan recalled. Every story about hazardous waste is a question of our health as well as of a potential crime. For that reason the Prosecutor's Office and Security Agency are concerned in their own way. That is why we take the burning issues with regard to river exploitation very seriously, and in that sense Serbia is becoming more and more aware of the complexity of these issues. Therefore, we should not destroy those few valuable protected areas we have even for financial reasons.
This ministry, with the help of other ministries, bodies and institutions, has virtually completed a document called the "negotiating position for Chapter 27", which is a huge undertaking. Documentation for the construction of wastewater treatment plants and municipal waste is also being prepared, and the goal is to have 359 wastewater treatment systems. Over two billion dinars have been invested in the so-called recyclers, which need to pick up, process and export waste, and in that sense better times are ahead of us. Similarly, 600-700 million have been spent and are yet to be spent on rehabilitation of unshared landfills, Mr. Trivan said.
Mr. Savo Bezmarevic, an Executive Director of Technical Energy Generation Affairs at EPS, said that, as the largest electricity company in the region, EPS has launched a major cycle to modernize and build production capacity. Environmental projects and greater use of renewable energy sources play an important role in this. More than € 350 million has been invested in environmental projects, and more than € 800 million will have been invested by the end of 2025. New ecological projects in thermal power plants have started. EPS is already in the process of building a Kostolac wind farm, the first plant in EPS history to produce electricity using wind power with investments worth around € 100 million.
By solemnly declaring these fairs open, Mr. Aleksandar Antic, a Minister of Mining and Energy supported all systematic efforts aimed at environmental protection and found that it was the energy sector and specifically EPS that represented the largest investor in projects and environmental protection. Over the past few years, around € 300 million has been invested in environmental projects by EPS alone, primarily when it comes to tackling powder pollution and denitrification. Companies providing technology services that enhance all our processes participate in this fair, both from the point of view of efficiency and from the point of view of introducing new technologies.
In cities and municipalities that base their heating systems on fossil fuels, we find solutions to switching to biomass, and contracts are signed with Novi Pazar, Nova Varos, Prijepolje, Majdanpek, while new 19 municipalities are "waiting in line" for switching to biomass, Mr. Antic pointed out.
He said that "we are looking forward to establishing an energy efficiency fund, which should be available not only to local governments or public buildings, but also to a wider circle of citizens."
Day by day we also work to improve our energy mix. It is a well-known fact that until recently about 70 percent of energy was generated from coal, whereas the rest from hydro potential, but in the past few years we have been able to put on the grid 500 megabytes of newly installed capacity from renewable sources, wind energy, biomass, solar sources ... EPS announces the largest 100 MW solar park in Kostolac over the next few years. The idea is also to move slowly to the auction system, without incentives.
Moreover, the Ministry of Energy strongly supports the initiative of the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Environmental Protection to ban the construction of small hydropower plants in protected areas, and where possible to meet the highest European standards so as to minimize environmental impact, the Minister of Mining and Energy said.
The International Energy Fair is by far the largest annual regional gathering of companies, corporations, enterprises, institutions and professionals in the sector of electricity, coal, oil and gas, mining, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The backbone of manifestation is generation, exploitation, enrichment, distribution, transport, storage or direct use of both existing and potential natural resources and energy sources.
The International Fair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources - EcoFair is the most representative gathering of its kind in this part of Europe, an annual gathering of the most responsible factors from the environmental protection system - institutions, equipment manufacturers, distributors, recyclers, operators, landfills, local governments, utility companies, generators waste, expert public.
The International Smart Technologies Fair - iSEC represents high technology and advanced IT solutions in the areas of surveillance, monitoring, sensor detection and measurement, automation, security, and software-hardware smart solutions across a variety of fields.
Actualization of this fair event, especially the professional accompanying program, expert and organizational support was provided by the line ministries of the Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Mining and Energy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, as well as by other ministries, governmental agencies, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, professional associations, business organizations, academic, educational and research institutions, specialized media ...
As either direct or indirect participants in either exhibition or conference program, these events bring together representatives from over 100 domestic and foreign companies, institutions and organizations from twenty countries.
Fairs are open from 10:00 until 17:00.
The price of a single ticket costs RSD 400.00, ticket for group visits RSD 250.00 (group tickets for students and pupils RSD 150.00), whereas parking shall be charged RSD 150.00 an hour. A ticket for one fair includes the tickets for two other fairs as well.

The core activity of expert accompanying program at this year's Energy, Ecology and ISEC fairs is a three-day expert conference entitled "Chapter 27 - Where to Next" (the chapter referring to environmental protection during the course of the EU accession negotiation process), dedicated to organic connection between energy and environmental protection sectors. Multiple panels on the agenda include topics such as: The Role of Local Governments in Combating Climate Change; Environmental Protection and Energy - Challenges of NEC and IED One Year Later; Waste and Secondary Raw Materials; IT and Environmental Protection ("Digital Environmental Protection Transformation") for the Purpose of Improving the Economy; Compliance with Waste Water Management and Environmental Protection Strategy in the Republic of Serbia; Sustainable Economic Growth in Context of Reducing Air-Pollution; Financing Environmental Protection Projects. The agenda also tackles the topic of solar power plants and construction alternatives.
Aside from the Chapter 27 conference, more than 20 analytical lectures, presentations and workshops on current topics adressing these issues will be hosted, such as Implementation of the Industrial Emissions Directive in Serbia, Water Quality Monitoring in Serbia ranging from Transboundary Movement of Waste in Serbia to Application of Heat Pumps in Public Buildings or Effects and Benefits of Applying the Circular Economy Concept to the Economy ...
The accompanying ISEC program is predominantly based on its security aspects, which will find its rightly place in a roundtable discussion entitled "A Safe Culture in the Education System for Children and Young People", as well as on presentation and analysis of ''Implementation of the Law on Private Security, Law on Detective Services,  Law on Critical Infrastructure and  Law on Communal Militia. "
The mission of this fair event, especially the mission of the professional accompanying program, would not have been possible without the professional and organizational support of the line ministries of the Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Mining and Energy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense - as well as without the assistance of other ministries, government agencies, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, professional associations, business organizations, academic, educational and research institutions, specialized media ...
A detailed overview of these fair events being part of this professional accompanying can be found on Belgrade Fair website PROGRAM and the portal of Energy, Ecology and ISEC - PROGRAM
The prevelant activity of PUC "STREET SWEEPING" Belgrade is removal of litter from public areas, removal of household rubbish, bulky waste, car wrecks, debris and their disposal, as well as removal and disposal of feces, maintenance of city landfill and collection of secondary raw materials. All this is performed across 11 Belgrade municipalities covering almost half a million households. Both workers and machinery regularly clean 2,250 city streets. About 1,500 tonnes of garbage are collected and deposited daily.
PUC City Sweeping exhibition stand at Hall 1 of Belgrade Fair shall represent a meeting point, i.e., an exchange of experiences and resentation of numerous projects that have been launched in the field of recycling.
Educational workshops on environmental protection and proper waste disposal shall be organized every day between 12:00 and 14:00, whilst visitors shall have the opportunity to take part in the popular Eco Quiz and test their knowledge in the field of recycling and environmental protection.
THE CITY OF CACAK and FACULTY OF TECHNOLOGY AND METALLURGY  University of Belgrade are a well-played team appearing at Belgrade Fair events, especially at those tackling environmental and natural resources protection. The same team shall be present at this year's EcoFair as well.
At their exhibition stand in Hall 1 of Belgrade Fair throughout three days of EcoFair 2019 from Wednesday through Friday, i.e., 2-4 October 2019, both experts and high competent guests shall give lectures on a range of vital aspects tackling issues from an individual and local standpoint to principal and global one.
On the first day of the fair, topics such as: Importance and Environmental Protection, Management, Waste Recycling and Wastewater Treatment Plants in North Macedonia and Serbia; Green Areas in Cacak; Improvement of Public Property Management Efficiency; Valorisation of Rice Husk Waste into High Performance Composite Materials; Birds of Cacak and its Surrounding Area shall be on the agenda.
On the second day of the fair, the following topics shall be discussed: Start-up Center of Science and Technology Park Cacak; Underground Containers - Primary Selection in an Urban Area; Auxiliary Agro-Industrial Products for the Production of Lactic Acid and Animal Fed; Antimicrobial Action of Materials Activated by Silver Metal Ions; Tourism in the Capacity of Sustainable Development of Landscape of Extraordinary Features of Ovcar-Kablar Gorge; Improvement of Public Property Management ...
Even the fair finale shall not go without response from the City of Cacak and the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. For that reason, the following  topics shall be discussed on Friday: Improvement of Public Property Management Efficiency- presentation of communication plan; Microreactor Technologies: Green Synthesis of Laboratory Pharmaceuticals; Use of Plastics in Everyday Life; Removal of Wastewater Dyes – in the Past and Now; Speed Bumps made of Recycled Material; Composting of Biodegradable Waste by EM technology in PUC "City Greenery" Cacak; The importance of Building Modern Eco-Houses ...
IRMA PROJEKT SISTEM DOO is a company founded in 1992. It has been successfully operating in the field of environmental protection and working environment from aerospace pollution across all industry sectors, especially in the field of exploitation and processing of mineral raw materials, energy management, metallurgy, cement, wood, paper and glass industry, thermo-techniques, thermal engineering, petrochemicals, wastewater treatment etc.
The range of company services includes, among other things, purification of flue gases, de-dusting of industrial plants, industrial ventilation, pneumatic transport, conveying lines and distribution network of gaseous and liquid fluids, water purification from solids ...
IRMA PS provides its users with turnkey projects, reconstruction, revitalization, monitoring and maintenance of facilities, study and analysis development, emission measurements, consulting services, etc. Aside from activities in the field of environmental and working environment protection, it is engaged in design engineering, manufacture and supervision over industrial plants in the field of thermotechnics, thermal power engineering and petrochemistry.
The reference list of projects covers those implemented in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as on Russian, English, German and Brazilian markets.
NETINVEST is a company specialized in both development and design engineering of renewable energy facilities. It offers consulting services that cover all stages of investment decision-making, development of general projects and previous feasibility studies, as well as development of Preliminary and Detailed designs complete with Feasibility Studies, as well as full support over the course of building construction and exploitation process.
Netinvest has also participated in Serbia's first small solar power plant construction project, after which it has took part in numerous small solar power plant construction projects - from initial site optimization, feasibility studies, detailed design and documentation preparation for permit procurement purposes.
In the field of hydroelectric power plants, Netinvest offers consulting, processing and data analysis services based on which the company experts conduct a feasibility study and subsequent development of hydroelectric power plant project.
As regards exploitation of wind potentials, Netinvest offers services such as installation of wind measurement equipment, production of wind potential maps, optimization of future wind farm layout until completion of final steps over the course of design engineering process. Netinvest has erected over 50 anemometer poles in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The scope of services offered by Netinvest also includes project management, as well as energy efficiency budgeting of facilities by EBRD EE and GIZ certified experts. As an innovation in the field of services offered by Netinvest, home automation or smart home implementation services are worth mentioning, as well as integrated home control systems.
YUNIRISK core business activity is industrial waste management. By using MID-MIX's patented technology, Yunirisk is able to treat a whole host of hazardous industrial waste by converting it into new, non-hazardous material called "neutral", which has a usable value and can be used for various purposes.
Their technological assembly line enables the input of liquid, solid and sludge waste, which in turn translates into a final product, i.e., material that can be disposed of in nature and is a non-hazardous substance that neither pollutes nor devastates the environment. These materials are made of concrete and brick products, road construction substrates, and serve as a supplement to solid and industrial fuels in the production of asphalt and briquettes. Moreover, it can be introduced to cement plant in a form of an additive, i.e., suplement in cement production.
MID-MIX technology has been recognized and patented in the EU where it is being successfully implemented. Therefore, this company is a natural and reliable partner to any industry that, at the end of its cycle, generates, among other things, hazardous industrial waste.
With as many as 30 years of experience and presence on nearly 40 global markets, RASCO is one of the leading manufacturers of winter and summer road maintenance equipment. RASCO product range includes snow plows and brushes, dry, wet and liquid spreaders, crane mowers as well as road cleaning and cleaning devices.
Aside from summer and winter maintenance equipment, RASCO product range also includes Muvo multipurpose vehicle, a small multifunctional vehicle ideal for year-round communal maintenance of urban areas, especially those that cannot be accessed by large communal vehicles. Given the fact that over 20 different connections are available for Muvo vehicle, it is usable year-round for urban area maintenance purposes.
Alongside the assured repair service and spare parts, as well as a comprehensive upgrade program, RASCO provides a comprehensive service of purchasing and maintaining devices intended for winter and summer road maintenance and Muvo vehicles to its customers. Therefore, irrespective of whether a machine is needed at an airport, highway, urban environment, or on local roads, RASCO is the right quarter to apply if you seek a comprehensive solution to customers’ needs.
MEAN WELL: Smart-shop
MEAN WELL Srbija / Fox Electronics  is the only official distributor of MEAN WELL power supplies for Serbia manufactured by MEAN WELL Taiwan.
Mean Well Company has been recognized as an integrator, as well as for blazing a trail for an innovative technical and technological solutions sublimated within "shops with no salesperson" concept. By bringing together a wide range of top experts in the field of electronics, IT, contemporary management and marketing sectors, Mean Well has been developing products under the auspices of Sabel international Company, which is also the owner of the project.
At iSEC 2019, Mean Well will represent a smart-shop, a conceptual solution to burning issues of small shops in the wholesale segment, more well-known as kiosks. This modular system is based on applying innovative, smart digital and automated solutions, for which reason it is called the smart-shop. It successfully implements AI, Big data and Open data technologies that make this product IoT Ready, i.e., ready to be integrated into “smart cities“ infrastructure.
Key features of smart-shops are more than one outlet following complete abolition or significant reduction in the number of sales persons, cash payment, card payment and mobile phone payment, with unlimited working hours (24/7/365). It introduces a so-called Internet of Things Ready concept through automatic gender and age recognition (AI), real-time interactive product offering customization based on customer profile, ability to display personalized ads tailored to each individual customer's profile, and readiness for connecting and automatically communicating with smart homes (Big Data). It provides smart business support by tracking and analyzing customer spending and habits by optimizing purchase, replenishing items, economizing logistics costs, as well as through specific consumption and demand specification for individual items across micro sites.
Smart-shop is an authentic, new and so far nonexistent solution on the market, and as such it represents a true novelty and innovation with no real competition on the market.
JEDNA MALA FIRMA: Smart apartment
JEDNA MALA FIRMA DOO offers innovative smart apartment and smart home systems on the market, as well as office space automation.
The ever-growing number of devices being connected to the Internet will be approaching as many as 30 trillion in 2020. Most purchased new electrical or electronic devices include either a control or management application.
So what if all these devices would simply communicate with each other within one system?
In a nutshell, it is possible to control, monitor and control lighting, shutters, air conditioning, sound and home appliances with the help of one mobile app only. An auto-upgrading system allows one smart apartment to stay compatible for many many years to come.
"BIOGAS" ASSOCIATION is a representative association of over 30 members and 14 biogas plants of total installed capacity exceeding 14.4 MW, as well as of other institutions and companies directly or indirectly connected to either this technology or construction of biogas power plants .
Biogas Association is an active partner of German Association Fachverband Biogas e.V., but also a member of the European Biogas Association EBA.
At the upcoming fair, Biogas will have the opportunity to present its plans for the coming period, with an emphasis on services it provides to its members - regular updates on all the novelties, technologies, conferences and studies that may be useful to their business operations. Part of this offer includes training as well as professional development in the field of renewable energy use and biogas plant management.
Association wants to help its new members, who are planning on building plants, to share the experiences of those companies whose plants have already been put into operation, and to provide them with contacts and useful information when selecting technological solutions, use of raw materials, project financing models, as well as support in cooperation with the competent institutions of the Republic of Serbia.
In June 2019, Biogas Association signed a Partnership Agreement with the German Biogas Association, which recognized Serbia’s potential in biogas sector development in Serbia.
ATB SEVER is one of the oldest factories for the production of rotary electric machines in Southeast Europe. Today, this company boasts with 95 years of experience in the production of electric motors and generators.
ATB SEVER, starting from 2005 is member of ATB group. Wolong, one of the world leading brands in the motor industry, bought ATB Group in 2011.
The most important products offered by ATB SEVER are low- and high-voltage electric motors, synchronous and asynchronous generators. ATB SEVER provides engineering services in energetics, performs engineering tasks in open cut mining, as well as engineering work for regulated electromotor drives.
We are placing our products all around the world market for applications in fields such as energy, mining, metallurgy, metal industry, cement and paper production, oil and chemical industry, water management and water supply.
ATB SEVER is a company that is diligently planning its future. The goal that guides us is to be recognizable and competitive on the global market, all with the support of our WOLONG group.
Our branch in Serbia is factory ATB FOD in Bor, which supports us in production of parts and equipement.
Our electric motors and generators are optimized in accordance with our client’s technical and economical requests. Our clients will receive from us, within a very short notice, most advanced and high quality technical solutions of electric motors, generators, electric drives and complete technical solutions of small and middle sized hydroelectric power plants, along with economically most favourable conditions.
PUC"PUBLIC LIGHTING" BELGRADE is a company founded by the city of Belgrade in order to provide public lighting as one of utility activities. This company, whose primary area of ​​work is installation of public lighting, is unique in the Republic of Serbia.
All activities of the company are directed towards the installation of urban, decorative and festive lighting by implementing state-of-the-art equipment, while respecting the principles of environmental protection and by improving energy efficiency. The intention is to create an environment that will improve the lives of fellow citizens and visitors of Belgrade and be one of the necessary components of a "smart" city.
In this regard, it is possible to contact citizens, who can report their observations on failures with respect to installation of public lighting either via company website, e-mail or telephone.
By carefully listening to the tourist potential of the city of Belgrade, in an effort to provide a unique experience for numerous visitors, Belgrade and PUC "Public Lighting" Belgrade have started implementing decorative lighting projects for numerous sites, bridges, parks, buildings, whilst some of them are still underway. One such project is the Gazela Bridge, which will be presented to visitors to the fair.
Under the slogan "Development in Harmony with Nature", the program of sales, service and spare parts of AL.TOM GMP includes construction machinery, municipal equipment, platforms for working at heights, electric vehicles and special equipment.
Twenty-five years of experience of the company, dedication of staff and professional consideration towards the needs of each client are imperative for the business of this company, as well as for the potential and precondition for further development. The goal is to continuously expand our offer in line with modern technical progress, but also to provide continuous training for both service and commercial personnel.
At Ecofair 2019, AL.TOM will, among other things, exhibit a small commercial electric vehicle, Cityfort, and an MPM Fort mini multipurpose machine with a closed cabin equipped to clean sidewalks, squares, pedestrian zones and city roads. At the same time, it will be showcased for the first time in Serbia, and its arrival in Serbia is due just before the event.
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H-Bridges for the Energy Eruption                                                                                                                                 
Three largest regional fair events in these branches, conceived as a unique synergy project – Energy, EcoFair and 112 Expo – will mark the beginning of the Fair October. The first two are held at Belgrade Fair Hall 1 on October 3 – 5 and the third one at the Hall 2 on October 2 – 5, 2018. 
Тhis sinergy understands connecting the problems of the renwable energy sources, electric power market, investments and technological innovations in energy (wind parks, hydro power stations, mini hydro power stations)  energy efficiency, biomass and biogas production, etc. with the global protection, planning and financing of the environmental protection, waste management, urban mobility and solving the issue of historical pollution, but also protection from natural disasters and human negligence consequences, ocupational protection and health, emergency care... 
This fair events trio will have the honor to present also one of the globally representative products of such synergy - H-Bridges Team of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade - young, educated and ambitious people, whose mission is to enrich the traditional University education by skilled and professional training through the supreme projects in the most attractive topics of present time, such as electric vehicles, renewable energy sources and efficient and smart use of electric power. In this process students develop hardware and software solutions for various applications, learn the team work and develop marketing, organizational and entrepreneurship skills with the scopes several times verified also at the highest global level. 
Also this year, at the biggest University World Competition in Innovative and energy efficient solutions IFEC 2018, in Beijing, under participation of 30 Universities from all meridians, Belgrade Team won the award for the device intended for easy, fast and efficient battery charging and discharging for electric power storing.
Since the device has been intended primarily for the home use and, at the same time, by strong criteria of the organizer, it had to be so far the best device in its branch, it was developed to be very compact and easy to use. From the work beginning on this project to the competition prototype a year passed and it was showed at the complicated, demanding and long lasting final testing how high quality the device had and, with some slight changes, easily adaptable to various work needs. While most of other competing devices did not manage to pass even all basic tests, the H-Bridges Team’s prototype passed easily all basic and several difficult additional tests. Thus, the Best Educational Impact Award under the global competition went into the right hands.  
Currently, H-Bridges Team is engaged in the development of the electric bicycle for the new competition, which understands development of a reliable and compact technology, capable of meeting high standards from the point of efficient energy use, its smart storing, but also safety. The new electric bicycle will be eventually tested under various laboratory and realistic conditions, including the endurance race. 
The Fairs will be open from 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m. The single entry ticket price is RSD.300.00, for the students with index and group visits RSD.100.00 and a car parking cocts RSD.100.00 per one hour. 
E PRIME                                                                                                                                                                  
E PRIME is manufacturer of electric bicycles with the products designed, constructed and manufactured in Serbia.  
In addition to the models Evo, Effecto, Effecta and Experience, the company manufactures also solar trails, as well as immobile stations for bicycle solar charge. Manufacturing of tricycles is planned, as well. 
At the event EcoFair 2018, E Prime will present all its models and the visitors will be able to test some of them during the event. 
GALENIKA PHARMACIA                                                                                                                                   
Business of Galenika Pahrmacia company has been oriented to the future and new technologies in health care for a better living quality. 
Galenika Pharmacia has been operating as an independent enterprise since October 17, 2012. It was established from Galenika Holding Company and inherited the famous logo created as long ago as in 1949. 
Galenika Pharmacia launched in 2013 the production development project in three sections: 
  • Manufacturing of Band-Aid, sterile and non-sterile bandage compress, bandage materials, etc. Special focus has  been on the First Aid sets   cabinets and bags. In this section ‘the First Aid cabinet’ in an innovative ABS  plastic cabinet is highlighted as exclusive.  
  • Medicines and medical tools distribution in the territory of the Republic of Serbia
  • Manufacturing of medicines and dietetic supplements, sterilizing of medicines, medical supplies and other items  subject to the sterilizing. 
Energy, Environment and Protection, a Cocktail that Should Not Be Refused
The signal for start of the incredible exhibition October at Belgrade Fair will be given by the outstanding trio of representative events – 14th International Energy Fair, 15th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair and 41st International Security Fair – 112 EXPO. These three events are a unique logistic platform for the replies to some of the most important questions of the present time – energy, energy efficiency, environments, occupational risk and protection.
Energy 2018 is the largest and most respectable annual regional get together of companies, corporations, enterprises, institutions and professionals in the sectors of electric power, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and mining.
This outstanding international event will focus this year, both in the exhibiting and conference programs, the problems of renewable energy sources, electric power market, investment and technological innovations in the energy (wind parks, hydro power stations, mini hydro power stations), energy efficiency, biomass and biogas production, remote heating systems, etc.
Along with the Energy, at the same time and venue, at Belgrade Fair Hall 1, on October 3 -5, 2018, EcoFair is also held, devoted to the environmental protection system and methods, with special focus on Green Economy, recycling industry, renewable energy sources and waste management.
In the plentiful professional Side Event Program, the highlight will be on the consideration of the investment into the environmental protection as the investment into health, the strategic planning and financing in the environmental protection, project management in this branch, investment projects and waste management in the local communities, solving the matter of historical pollution, urban mobility, good practice examples, global environmental protection, European agendas in this sector and similar.
At the same time, beginning a day before, in Belgrade Fair Hall 2,   on October 2 – 5, 112 EXPO is held, a prominent fair event dealing in the emergency risk evaluation and management and the occupational safety and health, fighting the unpredictable and unexpected emergency situations, hazardous for human life and property.
112 EXPO will be full of demonstration practices within protection against natural disasters and human negligence consequences, analyses of legal regulations in this branch, it will deal in the problems of the occupational safety and health in the practice, inspection surveillance, protection equipment certification, voluntary fire extinguishing, emergency care and many other topics.
The NEW ENERGY- SMART CITIES 2018 promotion is already launched 
When there are joined the 14th International Fair of Energy, 15th International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection EcoFair (3- 5. October 2018.) and the 41th International Rescue and Safety Exhibition (2 -5. October), the result is multidisciplinary event which will address the most important topics of our time, such as: ENERGY, ENERGY EFFICIENCY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, SMART&SAFE CITIES MANAGEMENT, RESCUE & SAFETY.
 The fairs will present these three topics under the slogan NEW ENERGY – SMART CITIES, within two exhibition halls (1 and 2).
ENERGETIKA is International fair of Electric Power, Coal, Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency.
EcoFair is International fair of Environmental Protection and Sustainable development and iSEC introduces SMART and SAFE CITIES advanced technologies within: Public safety, Security, Mobility, Traffic, Parking, e-government, e-Health, e-Education,  e-Banking, e-Retail, ITS – Integrated Transport and Logistics...
112 EXPO is Rescue & Safety Exhibition dedicated to Emergency management, Fire-fighting, Fire Preventive – Structural Fire Protection, Rescue management, Flood, Earthquake, Chemical accidents management, Occupational safety and health care, Medical care in emergency situations – Disaster relief,  Critical Data Protection/Recovery. 
Our goal is – to recognize trends and implement them in the Exhibition and Conference Program, developing the local and regional market for the benefit of Society.


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